Vital 110

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Transform Your Workplace Health Benefits with Vital 110

Rethink Your Approach to Employee Health

Facing rising healthcare costs is a major challenge for employers today, with deductibles soaring and healthcare often becoming the second major business expense. Over 70% of employers feel the burden as costs are passed down to employees. But what if you could control these costs without compromising on quality?

Introducing a Revolutionary Health Management Platform

Our comprehensive Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan includes advanced data management and noninsurance services designed not just to fill gaps but to enhance existing benefits. We aim to help you manage and reduce future healthcare expenses, all without additional costs to you or your employees.

Leveraging Smart Technology for Better Health Outcomes

Vital 110 introduces smart device technology and proactive health monitoring systems that are at the forefront of health innovation. Our approach allows for early detection of health issues and continuous monitoring, ensuring better health outcomes and preventing costly medical interventions.

Why Choose Vital 110?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: From zero copay on preventive care, virtual healthcare, and extensive medication coverage, our plan reduces out-of-pocket expenses while providing expansive healthcare services.
  • Care Management Plan: With real-time monitoring and personalized health assessments, manage your health effectively and take control of your wellbeing.
  • Seamless Integration: Our platform is designed to streamline the integration of health services and improve communication, ensuring a healthier, more productive workplace.

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